Analytica Research Center

We provide unbending research and real-time data analysis of the educational and commercial essential oils around the globe.


We do an accurate data analysis with our experienced and expert team using advanced technology.


We are much reliable in terms of best quality, quick performance, and trust.


We are committed in terms of promise and long-term relationship.

Our Services


Research and Data Analysis

We are focused and specialized in essential oil research and data analysis based on different published journals and articles, field research and interview, raw materials and many more.


Quality control

We utilize the latest techniques, world top leading scientists with the expert team and scientific equipment to detect the adulteration to ensure the best quality for our clients.


Database management

We create a huge numbers of the database to cover up-to dated and accurate information and real-time analysis on commercial essential oils.

Essential oils purity

Based on numerous side effects of synthetically derived medicines, many people are trying to transform their lifestyle through the use of essential oils. Unfortunately, due to limitations in instrumental techniques and lack of strict government regulations, Adulteration of essential oil is widespread all over the world.

It is estimated that approximately 80% of commercially available, so-called "natural" essential oils are adulterated in some way.

Our motto hereby is to detect these adulterations to help individuals in verifying essential oil purity.


What We Do

Data management and database software
Data analysis and Lab work
Research and publish a journal