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Arise of new EO Database.

  • Posted: 9/18/2018
  • Sujan Timsina

These days, we can find different essential oil database on the web, some are not up to dated and some got too many mistakes, incomplete and so many confusions. Dr Prabodh Satyal is presenting a dynamic and up to dated database which will give accurate information and real-time analysis of essential oils and its chemical composition especially focused on commercial essential oil. His claim is that his database is the world’s largest database of therapeutically important volatile components (Essential Oil) which have been created from different published journals and literature. The significance of database according to him are: • 4,809 different oils composition with 835 different oils type. Each oil includes their common name, botanical name, parts of plants used, country/ Region of origin and a complete citation. • 1,31,000 and above compounds composition with 5,215 unique compounds. Every compound (maximum) includes Retention Index, Molecular formula and Molecular weight. • All these data are enhanced with a general search, advanced search, sortable and pagination. • Useful for sample authentication. There is no doubt, his database will be useful for the details and easy access to EO studies and in creating the super oils (therapeutically more active EO). Hope these all collectively help to upgrade the entire EO field to the new era.